Sales Control System

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Easy2do's brand and operating system independent! It sees itself as the customer support and straightforward, loyal tool. An auxiliary system for acquisition, transfer and management in your trading operation. With the actual analysis, you always have knowledge of your sales as well as the figures from your showroom traffic. Average 70% of all cancellations of customer / prospect requests are not processed. A very high rate when you consider what can be operated for an effort to address and lead management needs to only have to reach a single final sale!
Maximize sales performance
Thus, the sales targets are reached, each step of a sale process to be monitored and managed. Easy2do can observe the performance of your sales department and determine when they are above or below the target in order to take any corrective action.
By deciding which processes must be improved as you offer any sales consultant support in skills development and help him to achieve specific goals and requirements.
There is a subscription as in the fixed price. The minimum contract duration is 3 months, excluding Tax. One sales workplace (SWP) including 1 Admin. costs in the month: CHF 140 - The second (SWP) CHF 80 - (suggested retail prices)
Individual solutions
Easy2do offers different language tools, based on individual solutions for such as manufacturers, importers and dealers in the automotive sector, commercial sector as well as motorcycles.
easy2do is:
• perfect Salesman-Work-Place (SWP)
needs assessment, care cycle, lead generation
• brilliant Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer care and loyality Program
•helpful Sales Momentum Program
Event Management, Lead Management
• simple Management Information System (MIS)
goals, trends, analysis